North Texas flat fee MLS listing service. Sell your home in Dallas/Fort Worth with our flat fee realty alternative and save thousands in real estate agents commissions. Find out how to sell your own house in North Texas at with an MLS flat fee listing for only $499.


Flat Fee MLS Listing ServiceÖ
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There is NOW a new way to sell REAL ESTATE.
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Sell your home for $499

Seller Responsibilities


  • Be prompt and courteous to all Realtors.

  • Order Title Insurance on your home; we can do this for you if you wish, Just call.

  • Order your mortgage payoff. We can assist with this too!

  • Understand contingencies and how they work. When you get an offer, they need to be addressed.

  • Be capable to fax offers to Realtors.

  • Understand Agency Law (refer to the agency disclosures). The buyer's Realtor should not do your work.

A word of advice: You are treading in new territory with the Flat Fee Listing Service program. Unfortunately, many Realtors will be offended by the fact you got "into the system" by paying a reduced fee. The fact is that if they have a buyer for your home they will show your home; treat them with courtesy, respect and professionalism. Realtors will not want to do your work so make sure you do your homework and understand the process and your responsibilities as a seller. If you are unsure as to your responsibilities, stay in touch with us and we'll guide you through.

There are many pitfalls to avoid during the sales process. Call us anytime for advice or if you wish to have us process your transaction; we will do so for an additional fee. Click here for details!

The PREMIUM PACKAGE, which gives you Full Representation for a $499 Flat Fee Listing plus 1% at closing. (The 1% is paid only when the home closes.) This program was designed for those who are not comfortable with all the paperwork and negotiations.

Keep in mind: by law we need to know when you get an offer. Unless you want to be called after your home sells, you must let us know when you have an offer so we can update your file and show your home as sold when it does. This is very important!

List Smart Texas, Inc.

Listing Contract Details

Understanding your Legal Rights and Obligations:

  • You have the right to sell your home without the use of an agent or other third party.

  • You can price your home at any level.

  • You can change your mind about selling it. You can also change the price at any time.

  • You can show your house to anyone you choose.

  • You can likewise refuse to show your house to anyone who doesnít meet your guideline; e.g. someone who doesnít have the financial capacity to afford your home.

Please note: you cannot however refuse to show your house based on race, color, religion, sex national origin, or disability. In other words, you cannot discriminate. This also applies to those who are elderly and to those who have children.

  • You can sell your home to whomever you please.

  • You can likewise refuse to sell your home to someone who for example, may disturb the peaceful setting of the neighborhood with a bunch of dogs.

  • But note that you cannot discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.

For more information about fair housing laws:

Understanding Your Obligations:

Once you enter into a sales contract, you are obligated to fulfill the terms of the contract.

Your home must be in working condition on settlement date. You must inform the buyer about the condition of your house.

Personal items that belong to the Seller must be removed from the house and property prior to possession. The house should be thoroughly cleaned.

Items that are "attached" to the home and other agreed upon items stated in the contract must be turned over upon closing.
You will pay any related commission fees if other third-parties were involved in the sale of your home.

Legal Disclosure Forms

In most states, you will be required to complete and deliver three highly important disclosure forms:

1. Seller Disclosure of Property Condition:

This form mandates the seller to state the condition of the house; and in agreement with the buyer, acknowledge that the conditions prevent the buyer from suing the seller later on for repair or replacement.

You must state the overall condition of the house such as:

1. Basement / foundation
2. Plumbing / septic tanks / sewer systems / etc.
3. Electrical systems
4. Roof
5. Heating and cooling
6. Groundwater contamination
7. and any dangerous substances in the home such as asbestos and radon gases.

You must also state the overall condition of appliances and components that will remain in the house such as:

1. Kitchen ranges/ovens/microwaves
2. Dishwashers
3. Refrigerators
4. Alarm systems
5. Pool heaters
6. Sump pumps
7. Fireplaces/chimneys

You will note the overall condition as being good, fair, or poor. If you don't know the overall condition of a certain item, mark it "unknown".

This alerts the buyer to have the "unknown condition" inspected.

2. Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form

If your home was built prior to 1978, you must furnish the buyer any information or reports related to lead-based paint in the home.

The buyer can then make an inspection or assessment on how related paint can be removed.

For more information about lead based paint: 


If you fail to notify correctly or to falsify any of the reporting above, the buyer may return after the sale and recover damages.

Be honest in all reporting. If you don't know the overall condition of the particular item, simply state "unknown". This will obligate the buyer to make a thorough inspection.

In addition to your property appearing in the local MLS and on, it will feed to hundreds of real estate agentís websites through Broker reciprocity. Also, your listing may be picked up by other national websites. - World's largest database of homes for sale.

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Our North Texas MLS flat fee realty alternative will save you thousands in real estate agent commissions.

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Flat Fee MLS Listing Services are available in the following North Texas Counties:

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In addition to your property appearing in the local MLS and on, it will feed to hundreds of
real estate agentís websites through Broker reciprocity. Also, your listing may be picked up by other national websites like:

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