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Frequently Asked Questions  |  Flat Fee FAQ


A multiple listing service (MLS) is an effort among real estate brokers to share data about homes for sale and to cooperate with and compensate each other for assisting with the sale. MLSs create the most comprehensive computerized database of homes for sale and the majority of real estate sales are a direct result of MLS exposure. When you see a home for sale on any real estate website, that information probably came from the MLS database. The MLS is the tool real estate professionals use to keep informed. Through ListSmartTexas .com, this “prized possession” of real estate brokers is now available to home sellers at a fraction of the price.


If I listed with a 6% company, what are the chances of that agent also selling my home?


Less than 5% of listing agents actually sell the homes they list. Why? They simply use the power of the MLS by listing their properties for thousands of agents to bring their buyers respective buyers. 85% of home buyers use a Realtor to help them locate a property. Why is this important? The answer is simple, Realtors use to the MLS to search properties for their clients. The flat fee listing method lists your property on the same MLS as the local REALTORS. You can put the power of the MLS to work for you and save a minimum 3% commission minus the $499.


What is the difference in List Smart Texas as opposed to the 'National' Companies such as etc?


Unlike the 'National' Companies, List Smart Texas is licensed only in Texas and its main focus is in North Texas Counties presently.


Is it true that most houses are sold through REALTORS and they usually sell for more?


Yes. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes listed on the MLS average a higher net of 7% more.


How can your services help lower the price of my home?


If you list with a REALTOR and pay a 6% commission, you may need to increase the price of your home to defray your high commission expense and end up with the healthy bottom line you desire. With our program, you practically eliminate the real estate listing Commission. This allows you to lower the asking price of your home, making it available to more buyers and more competition with other properties currently for sale.


How long can my property be listed on the MLS?


The basic listing period is 6 months; to extend, see the change form under "Forms & Contracts".


Will my house be listed on the web site and others?


Yes. is the largest online property listing site with more than one million five hundred thousand available houses nationwide. This accounts for about 80% of all available houses in the U.S. Each month the site attracts more than 5 million potential buyers.


If I sell my home 'by owner' how much will it cost me?


If you sell your own home to an unrepresented buyer - you only pay the initial flat fee of $499.


Will my listing be different than other listed properties paying a full commission?


No! Your listing will appear exactly the same as any other listing with a "Full Price" REALTOR


How long does it take to get my house in the MLS?


Typically, we can have your property listed the next business day after payment is received and all paperwork is sent in completed.


How long does it take to get the sign & Lockbox?


Typically 3-5 days.


Why do I need to be listed in the MLS?


To gain the greatest exposure! There is simply no substitute for the power of the MLS!


How do I know the MLS information is correct?


We will email or fax you a copy of the MLS listing for you to review. After you have looked over the listing, we will immediately make any and all changes that you request within the MLS rules.


When you enter my listing in the MLS, is there a special number to identify my property?


The MLS assigns a specific number so Realtors can easily identify your property.


If a REALTOR does sell my home do I have to pay the REALTOR a commission?


Yes. When you fill out the documents to list with us, you are asked how much commission you'll pay to the buyers' agent.  Most sellers offer a commission of three percent. After you have entered this amount into the MLS it is NOT negotiable.


What is the MLS and who owns it?


The answer to your question differs depending on where you live. In most areas, the MLS is a corporation owned/controlled by the local association of Realtors. To input listings, you generally must be a licensed member of the area's association of Realtors (we and/or our affiliate brokers hold this membership in most areas). MLS Members cooperate by showing and selling the homes listed by other members, for which they receive a commission for bringing the buyer to the seller. The commission amount offered to the agent who brings the buyer is almost always listed (usually required by the MLS) along with the detailed information about the home and picture(s).


The MLS is the primary tool agents use to find a property when they have a buyer. Over 80% of buyers use agents to help them find properties (especially the most motivated buyers: relocations, pre-approved, etc.). For most agents, the MLS is the tool used every day to find a home for their buyers (for many agents, it is the only tool they use to find homes.) The MLS is not available to the public, only MLS Members can view the MLS listings. In recent years, most MLS systems have distributed some listing information to websites like and allowed MLS members to show some listing information on their own websites.


What telephone number will be on my MLS listing?


All buyers and agents with buyers would be instructed to contact you directly.


How do I know if the buyer will get approved for a mortgage?


Many buyers today get pre-approved for a mortgage before they begin to look at homes, especially buyers who work with agents who often make that a requirement before homes are viewed. The buyer should present a pre-approval letter on the letterhead of a mortgage lender and signed by a loan officer. If the buyer does not have such a letter, you should not accept the offer until they have obtained one. Many lenders can provide these letters to a buyer within 1-2 days after the buyer completes the application and submits the required paperwork.


Requiring a pre-approval letter keeps you as the seller from having to determine whether the buyer will qualify for a loan and makes the process much simpler. 




A keybox is a device that holds a key to your house.  Only licensed real estate agents have access to this device.  If you want your home available for viewings even when you aren’t home, keyboxes are wonderful and a real convenience for real estate agents and homebuyers. 


If you would like to take advantage of this option, we will ship it to you. Please don't put your only key in the box, as only real estate agents have access to the box through their secure codes. The fee for this service  is $195 with $100 refunded to you once we get the keybox back.



Sure, you can advertise wherever you choose.  Newspaper ads can be part of a marketing program, but only 1% of sales are a direct result of newspaper advertising.  Most For Sale By Owner ads result in many calls from real estate agents looking for listings, and few calls from qualified buyers. 


Do I have to sign a Listing Agreement?


Yes.  We are required by both Texas Law and the Policies of the MLS system to have the Listing Agreement signed before we can place your listing on the MLS.


How long does it take to get my home on the MLS?


We promise to have your home listed on the MLS by the close of business on the next business day (Mon-Fri) following the day when you complete all the required steps.  We will NOT list your home on the MLS until you have completed you documentation.  We will list without photos, but, we very much PREFER that you provide your photos prior to our listing your home on the MLS.


Is the MLS the best way to sell my home?


Actually, we think so! Statistically, the overwhelming majority of homes in our area are sold through MLS.


Can I sell By owner while my home is listed on the MLS?


Yes.  That is the great thing about how we do business.  We want you to sell your home at a minimum of cost.  We pride ourselves in offering the same marketing services that any “traditional” agent does.  We just do it at much lower cost.


How do people find my home when it is listed on the MLS?


They have to go to a “portal” website such as REALTOR.COM or a local or national real estate broker’s website such as EBBY.COM, CBDFW.COM, etc.  The actual MLS is not available to the general public but the basic MLS information is displayed for public viewing on REALTOR.COM and various MLS Member Broker websites.


Do I need a Showing Service?


Yes, we think so!   While a showing service is a convenience, not a necessity, we highly recommend it to our sellers.  A showing service is much easier on both you and on the Real Estate Agent because the showing service has staff manning the phones 12 hours a day.  The showing service phone numbers are well known to the Buyer’s Agents.  It is very convenient for them to use.  If you do not use a showing service you will need to keep a phone nearby at all times to avoid missing a call from an Agent who wants to show your home to a buyer.


The main benefit of a showing service is the convenience, but they are also good for keeping a schedule of who showed your home and they do attempt to obtain good feedback from the Selling Agent on their perspective Buyer’s comments about your home.  Some Sellers find such comments useful.


Can I use a For Sale By Owner Sign?


Yes,  but we do recommend that you use a List Smart Texas For Sale sign. It makes Real Estate Agents more comfortable showing your home when they know their commission is protected. Besides, you get one FREE  sign with your Listing !!


Does newspaper advertising help?


Yes, but not as much as you might think.  In Dallas there have been surveys that indicate as many as 90% of all home buyers use the Internet to find a home.  By using the local newspaper you are spending a lot of money to reach people that are already being reached when you list on MLS.


How Many Photos Can I send?


You can send us up to 40 photos.  We can place up to 36 photos on the MLS system.  Not all websites will display all 36 photos.  REALTOR.COM displays a maximum of 6 photos.  Local Websites will display all 36(EBBY&CBDFW), but not all will display all 36.  It is up to each local website to decide how many photos they will display.


Can I really do this on my own?


The majority of sellers taking advantage of Flat Fee Listing Services handle the sale and negotiation of their property themselves.  However, real estate transactions often require a level of professional expertise that is beyond the capacity of ordinary home owners (and brokers).  We recommend you consider a licensed professional for all matters regarding home inspection, home appraisal, real estate, law and any other matter for which you are not qualified to address. 


What areas do you serve?


List Smart Texas MLS Listings Services are available in TX, including Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Erath, Fannin, Grayson, Henderson, Hill, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, McLennan, Navarro, Palo Pinto, Parker, Rockwall, Smith, Somervell, Tarrant, Van Zandt, Wise, and Wood Counties.  We are working on coverage in other cites so stay tuned! 


What if I sell the house on my own?


Then you pay NO commission. 


Can I pay less than 3% to a Buyer’s Agent?


While there is no “standard commission rate”, the prevailing market rate on just about 99% of all listings is 3%. ListSmartTexas  is a buyer agent friendly company and does not want to give any Realtor an excuse for not showing your house to one of their buyers.  However, one of the great things our company offers that most companies do not, is that if you find a buyer who is unrepresented by an agent you do not have to pay the 3% commission.  It’s yours to keep!! 


Why do I have to submit the request forms to you?


In order for a brokerage to list a home on the MLS, they must have some sort of listing agreement from the seller, granting the brokerage the right to list the home on the MLS.  It is impossible for a brokerage to list a home on the MLS without the seller’s permission.  Each MLS also requires that the proper profile sheet be filled out prior to submitting the listing on the MLS.


What if I can’t find all the information on the MLS profile sheet?


 Do your best to find the information, however, there are a few things you may not know such as map code/grid, listings office codes, etc.  If you leave something blank, we may know it or be able to find it in the tax records.  The things we can usually not find are information that only you would know, such as interior features or your own marketing remarks.


When will my property be listed on REALTOR.COM?


REALTOR.COM usually receives the data from your MLS listings at least 48-72 hours after activation.  Please understand that the MLS and REALTOR.COM are two very different things.  If you have any questions regarding the differences in the two, please contact us directly and we will be happy to give you a detailed explanation. 

In addition to your property appearing in the local MLS and on, it will feed to hundreds of real estate agent’s websites through Broker reciprocity. Also, your listing may be picked up by other national websites. - World's largest database of homes for sale.

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In addition to your property appearing in the local MLS and on, it will feed to hundreds of
real estate agent’s websites through Broker reciprocity. Also, your listing may be picked up by other national websites like:

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