North Texas flat fee MLS listing service. Sell your home in Dallas/Fort Worth with our flat fee realty alternative and save thousands in real estate agents commissions. Find out how to sell your own house in North Texas at with an MLS flat fee listing for only $499.


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Flat Fee FAQ

Q. What is the difference between a traditional full service broker and your flat fee service?

A. Traditional full service broker will help you determine a selling price, list your home on the MLS, schedule showings and negotiate the sales contract on your behalf.  For these services, you usually pay 5% or 6% of the sales price upon closing (this is usually split 50/50 with the buyer’s agent).  Our flat fee program offers you a way to list your property on the same MLS for a flat listing fee of only $299.  In exchange, you assume most of the duties traditionally performed by the listing agent.  If an agent brings you a buyer, you pay only the buyer’s agent portion of the commission you offered at closing.  If you find the buyer yourself, you pay NO commission at all.

Q. What do you mean by the “Buyer’s Agent Commission” and how much should I offer?

A. The Buyer’s Agent Commission is the amount you are willing to pay a real estate agent that brings you a qualified buyer.  This amount is determined by you at the time of the listing and is paid to the Buyer’s Agent at closing.  This amount should be competitive with other listings in your area if you want to take full advantage of the MLS.  This commission is typically 3% of the selling price.

Q. Will List Smart Texas try to sell my property in an effort to earn the buyer’s agent commission?

A. No.  Any calls we receive from potential buyers inquiring about your property will be referred directly to you.  All we receive from you is the flat fee.

Q. Can I still sell my home “By Owner” while it is listed on the MLS?

A. Yes.  We do not take away your right to sell the property yourself.  If you find a buyer on your own, you pay absolutely NO commission.

Q. What is the “Minimum Level Of Service” law in Texas and how does this law affect your flat fee service?

A. Texas passed a law requiring listing agents provide a minimum level of service to their clients.  The law requires ALL agents to accept and present offers on your behalf and be available to you throughout the closing process for questions.  This applies to offers submitted by licensed real estate agents only. 

Q. Will the MLS really help me sell my home?

A. Definitely.  To sell your home you have to let people know it’s on the market.  The MLS gives you exposure to over 43,000 real estate agents and the buyers they represent.  The fact is that over 70% of buyers use a real estate agent when looking for a home and real estate agents use the MLS.  It’s that simple.

Q. Will my home get exposure on the Internet?

A. You bet.  As part of our package, your home will also appear on many popular real estate websites.  These sites include and many others. Calls from buyers that see your listing on one of these websites will be referred directly to you.

Q. Will my listing look the same as other listings?

A. Absolutely.  The format is standard for all listings.

Q. What if I have a question during the listing period or want to change some information in the listing?

A. We are licensed real estate agents and will gladly answer any questions you have.  If you want to make a change to your listing ( i.e. price, description, etc)  simply send us your request via email (or fax).  Your listing will be updated within 24 hours.

Q. Can I cancel my listing at any time without penalty?

A. Yes. Unlike other listing services, we DO NOT charge a cancellation fee.  You may cancel your listing at any time.

Q. Can I use my own “for sale” yard sign or am I required to use yours?

A. Yes, you can use your own sign.  However, we highly recommend not using a sign that includes the words “For Sale By Owner” when listed on the MLS.  This has a tendency to cause confusion and may even deter agents from showing your home.  The yard sign provided with our service is FREE, professionally designed and all calls go directly to you.  We simply ask that you return it once your home closes.

In addition to your property appearing in the local MLS and on, it will feed to hundreds of real estate agent’s websites through Broker reciprocity. Also, your listing may be picked up by other national websites. - World's largest database of homes for sale.

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Dallas MLS flat fee listing real estate company. Sell your home in Dallas/Fort Worth for only $499. Perfect "for sale by owner" solution.
Our North Texas MLS flat fee realty alternative will save you thousands in real estate agent commissions.

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Flat Fee MLS Listing Services are available in the following North Texas Counties:

We are currently working on coverage in other counties, so stay tuned!

In addition to your property appearing in the local MLS and on, it will feed to hundreds of
real estate agent’s websites through Broker reciprocity. Also, your listing may be picked up by other national websites like:

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