North Texas flat fee MLS listing service. Sell your home in Dallas/Fort Worth with our flat fee realty alternative and save thousands in real estate agents commissions. Find out how to sell your own house in North Texas at with an MLS flat fee listing for only $499.


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What is Flat Fee MLS?  (Check out Wikipedia's definition here.)

Flat Fee MLS Listing Service…Flat Fee MLS is a new type of Realtor MLS listing recently introduced by the National Association of Realtors. This new type of MLS listing allows sellers to list their home on MLS, usually for a flat fee through a licensed broker. When you list your home for a flat fee through us you can be sure you will retain the right to sell By Owner. You can market your home however you would like while we advertise your home on the MLS for a flat fee. Not only do we guarantee to give your home the online exposure needed to sell in a Buyer’s market, but we promise to assist you and answer any and all the questions you may have. We do it all for a small flat fee that will seem priceless to you when you find that ready, willing and able buyer.

If you should decide you would like to list through our flat fee listing service. We will enter your property information just like any other real estate agency would but you will be the one taking calls and doing the showings. Our primary job is to list your property on the MLS Property Information Network and maintain your listing until it sells. This means we will update and make changes to your flat fee MLS listing until your property is sold free of charge. We will also make sure all your online marketing is taken care of. After you submit your flat fee listing we will get your property listed all over the Internet on a variety of real estate related sites. Our flat fee MLS listing service is nothing like any other real estate service offered today. We provide unmatched support from start to finish. We are a family owned business and your satisfaction is important. We want to earn your referrals. provides a no hassle Flat Fee MLS Listing Service for Texas property owners who are interested in selling their homes without paying high commission fees, but would like to receive the same amount of exposure that only a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can provide. All for a flat fee that comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Flat Fee MLS Listing Service…

Traditionally, sellers have had two options to explore when selling their property: Seller’s could market their property on their own, limiting exposure and usually resulting in a longer time on market, or they could list their property with a local real estate agency and pay upwards of 5-6% of the purchase price for listing and selling.

Going against tradition, List Smart Texas Inc., is now giving seller’s a third option, making the other two options obsolete. With our Flat Fee MLS listing service seller’s now have the opportunity to market their home without having to pay outrageous listing fees.

Price. Service. Quality. Check our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our mission is to provide seller’s with the necessary marketing and support that is essential to getting the property sold. Our service saves seller’s money and puts them in control. Our philosophy at List Smart Texas is simple: We list and you save A LOT!

With our flat fee MLS service customer service is everything. We understand that the highest level of support is needed at all times. To ensure your comfort we will educate you with selling tips at no extra charge and certainly no commission. If needed, we also offer hands-on support for sellers (see Premium Option).

There are many reasons why listing through our flat fee listing service makes sense. Although, listing in this manner is not for everyone, the benefits strongly out-weigh the traditional alternatives (i.e. listing your property for 5-6%) to marketing real estate. When you are marketing real estate, exposure is everything. When selling you want the world to know about your property. The more eyes that see your property the better your chances are of finding the perfect buyer. Just like location matters in real estate, exposure matters most when marketing real estate.

Traditionally, real estate agents want to create a relationship with a seller that grants them the exclusive right to market your property. In other words, listing agents are asking you to give up your right to market your home by owner so they can do it and be paid for their services when the transaction closes. Since the real estate market is over saturated with traditional real estate agents many people think they must enter into an exclusive right to sell real estate agreement. This is not true.

Smart sellers who are “market savvy” will do research to find out that they do not have to go with a traditional listing agent to sell their house. They can enter into a non exclusive listing agreement with a flat fee real estate listing service. By doing this, the seller can market their home on their own as well as market through a flat fee MLS service. Many call this method the hybrid approach to selling real estate. We call it the smart way to sell real estate!

In addition to your property appearing in the local MLS and on, it will feed to hundreds of real estate agent’s websites through Broker reciprocity. Also, your listing may be picked up by other national websites. - World's largest database of homes for sale.

Yahoo Real Estate

MSN House & Home

Realtor MLS Multiple Listing Service

How a Traditional Listing Works

In order to sell your home on the Realtor MLS you must enter into an agreement. A listing cannot be entered into the MLS without first entering into an agreement with a agent. Doing so is against the MLS rules and regulations. When consumers hear the word agreement they often get overwhelmed, but the fact of the matter is that entering into an agreement shows professionalism and it will also protect your interest. As a seller, you should want the agent to put what they are going to do for you in writing.

With our flat fee MLS listing service we use an agreement called a Limited Service Listing Agreement. This agreement is the simple way to get your home onto the MLS without giving up your rights to market and sell without an agent.

for sale by owner + flat fee mlsA F.S.B.O. APPROACH TO FLAT FEE MLS
When you sell your home “By Owner” and compliment your marketing efforts with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) you will have yourself a hybrid marketing plan. This is the best way to sell real estate. By combining marketing plans you get the biggest bang for your buck. Our List Smart Texas Flat Fee MLS service is the best way to sell your home. By using our service what you are essentially doing is mass marketing your home with two drastically different mediums. Some call this method MLS FSBO or FSBO MLS. It’s like having two companies marketing your property. The first company is you, the seller. The second company is our flat fee MLS service or FSBO MLS service. This is a killer combo when selling your home. When savvy sellers use our flat fee MLS service they are looking to save money AND be involved with the selling process. With this course of action the property owner literally pursues both methods of marketing through the TX Realtors MLS and FSBO methods simultaneously. Marketing your property via our flat fee MLS can be accomplished in Texas with a special listing agreement called a Limited Service Agreement. With this flat fee MLS type agreement we will list your property for sale in the Realtor MLS for a flat fee and give you the best service money can buy. This agreement puts limitation on the real estate agency’s duties as well as responsibilities to the seller such that the listing agents obligations and services are more or less limited to listing the property in the MLS. With our TX flat fee MLS service we take care of all your online marketing and maintain your MLS listing. Our listing agreement allows you, the owner, the right to market the property yourself and avoid further commissions altogether if the owner finds a buyer from their own marketing efforts. Our TX flat fee MLS service cancels out the listing side of the commission. Our TX flat fee MLS service is provided to all seller’s for a fixed dollar amount, instead of a listing commission and paid in advance at the time the MLS listing is activated on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Under our TX flat fee MLS listing agreement there would be no additional commission paid to us for listing your home on the MLS. It doesn’t matter if a buyer agent sells your home or if you sell it on your own. The only time you will ever pay a commission is when a Buyer Agent brings you a buyer and the deal closes. Under a Limited Service Agreement all other Realtors can then try to sell your home to their potential buyers and earn a commission representing the Buyer as a “Buyers Agent”. Sellers can offer these Buyer Agent Realtors whatever percent commission they desire, but owners should consider that offering less than the traditional 3% could affect these Buyers Agent Realtors degree of interest in showing your property to their customers. If you offer enough the Buyer Agent will tap all their resources to find a buyer. In other words, some sellers offer 4% to entice agents to show their home.


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Dallas MLS flat fee listing real estate company. Sell your home in Dallas/Fort Worth for only $499. Perfect "for sale by owner" solution.
Our North Texas MLS flat fee realty alternative will save you thousands in real estate agent commissions.

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In addition to your property appearing in the local MLS and on, it will feed to hundreds of
real estate agent’s websites through Broker reciprocity. Also, your listing may be picked up by other national websites like:

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